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at the facts to what happened yesterday. we in the public are allowed to use commonce sense, take the blinders off and three women since 2005 made domestic violence allegations against george zimmerman. one as recently as september, and that's his estranged wife shelley. it's not often they conspire together to come up with the same story. probably shelley and the girlfriend want nothing to do with each other but say two months apart he was pointing the gun at them, not just holding the gun, pointing the gun at them, threatening them and making them leave their own home. these are similar allegations. is there anyone that continues to think it's safe for george zimmerman to be at large and there aren't concerns? i think that's a reasonable conclusion for us to draw this is really a problem person. >> it's not just members of the public and journalist who can make that inference. it is true that as a technical legal matter, if the case goes to the jury those other matters are not admissible but prosecutors can sit there and say, you know what? we have discretion. we can decide which cases to br
that killed a u.s. ambassador. >> accused nsa leaker edward snowden making new friends and maybe looking for a new home. germany maybe? >> and unearthed a drug tunnel between mexico and the united states that is so sophisticated, it is being called a supertunnel. we're going to take you on a tour. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. welcome to our international viewers with us all week. >> first we're going to get to this, benghazi, libya, it was just last ept, four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. one of them the u.s. ambassador. >> today a lot of pressure from republicans in congress to hear directly from cia operatives who were in libya during the attack and also afterwards. so far they have not talked to congress. >> we here at cnn have reported the cia has specifically told those operators to keep quiet. drew griffin is with the cnn investigations unit. drew, first of all, excellent reporting on all of this. they're pushing back right now on what you're reporting. what are they saying? >> being complet
storm is approaching that region. let's get to dana piper -- david piper streaming live for us from bangkok. david? >> hi, uma. the true scale of the death and destruction is only just becoming apparent in philippines. the death toll is likely to rise in the next few days. the typhoon smashed in to the philippines friday, packing winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. experts believe it could be the strongest typhoon to make landfall in recorded history. the central philippines felt the brunt of the storm. communities were ripped apart, as the strong winds flung vehicles about and tore down buildings. 15-foot high waves from a storm surge flooded coastal towns and villages. landslides and trees blocked roads, hampering the relief effort. there is still no communication and it's difficult to find out what has happened on some islands. the worst area is the coastal city that was engulfed by a storm surge. the aviation officials say the flight crew reported bodies on the street. the roads are still blocked leading from the local airport in to taklaban and the only way in is by helicopter.
you for joining us, that is it for us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >>> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, and this evening, just a few hours ago the senate came to another one of its truly embarrassing avoidable standoffs. and it happened even though democrats and republicans had previously agreed on how to proceed on competing legislation. legislation over one of the biggest issues facing our country today. here is what happened. the one big thing that the senate needs to do before the thanksgiving break is pass the national authorization act of the defense bill. and this year, that bill is the terrain of one of the most interesting david and goliath battles. last year alone, an estimated 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual contact, including aggravated sexual assault and rape, according to a survey of active duty members of the military. the defense department estimates that 86 and a half percent of these violent sexual crimes go unreported. and there is a clear-cut disagreement on how to report, prosecute and prevent the sexual assaults in the military.
evening. thank you for joining us. how far would you go for your faith. tonight over 100 churches stand in defiance of local laws banning the use of something shocking from their services. poisonous serpents. snakes on a pulpit. christians say they're true believers and vipers are as vital to the religion as the bible itself. the tradition dates back more than a century. law makers aren't so sure it should survive. i headed down south for our series "faith matters." >> reporter: what pastor jamie kutz is doing with the snake is either a christian ritual or criminal conduct depending on who you ask? ♪ ♪ >> he is a new preacher! >> reporter: in tiny churches in rural appalachia what began generations ago as an expression of faith is turning into a fight over religious freedom in america. they believe they are called by god to handle venomous serpents and comes from a passage straight from the bible which they take literally. they pick up serpents. if they drink any deadly poison it will not hurt them. in this small church of fervent believers we saw the pastors lay hand and healing pr
before we had it. we were paying for it as well. >> if we are going to use everyone as a corporation, would it be mika, joe, barnacle, willie? i don't know. long-term? you are basically a terrible person. you can leave now. >> what about that shot? are you kidding me? >> it's time for "morning joe." >> now it's time for t"the dail rundown" with chuck todd. >> no end in sight. a report obtained by nbc news reveals a plan to keep troops in afghanistan for at least years and perhaps longer. it's not the only foreign front that gets lot of in washington's whacka mole health care whirl wind. an amazing eyewitness account from inside the dallas school book depository. a man who was there and may have bumped into lee harvey oswald himself. >> landing in arizona, chris christie takes the republican reign. we will talk to north carolina governor at the center of a voting rights fight in his state. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 20th. this is "the daily rundown." the latest on the tragic situation in virginia and congressman tray radell. let's get to th
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thought it. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >>> welcome to a "kelly file" special report. a salute to our nation's gratest generation. in october 2013 a remarkable event took place on washington's national mall. the park service had barricaded the open air world war ii memorial in a move they blamed on the partial government shutdown. the reaction from our vets, their families, and supporters was swift, and it was angry. in the time it took to find some bolt cutters we were suddenly seeing pictures of defiant soldiers, many on canes or in wheelchairs, crossing those barricades with the kind of determination that reminded many in america again of the spirit that once helped us win a war and preserve our freedom. over the next hour we will revisit the incredible sacrifice these men and women made to defend this country in the bloodiest and most widespread war in history. the average age of a d-day veteran is now 92. and now more than ever it is critical to list
'm elisabeth hasselbeck. 10,000 people are feared dead after a typhoon in the philippines. -l this morning u.s. troops are on the ground henning piece together the damage. where is the storm headed next? stay here for details. >> days after a second-term winner, new jersey governor chris christie goes on an all-out media blitz slamming the obamacare debacle. >> anybody who has run anything in their lives could see this coming a mile away. >> more on the jersey governor's advice for the white house. like they'll listen. >> miley cyrus sparking more controversy at another awards show. >> you know, i couldn't put this award in my bag, but i did find this. so thank you guys very much. >> how her latest performance goes up in smoke. "fox & friends," new week, special day starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what a treat on this veterans day morning. you're waking up to the hell cats. it's an ensemble of buglers and drummers from the west point band. >> some of our favorite people from one of our favorite places on one of our favorite dates, to honor those who served this great nation. >> the official nat
is created by turning liquid vegetable oil into fat. processed food manufacturers use it because it extends the shelf life and improves the flavor of some foods, including snack foods, such as microwave popcorn, crackers, and cookies. packaged siewps, cakeses, pies, and biscuits, stick margarines and vegetable short ningz, and ready-to-use frostings. and some restaurants use transfats in fried foods. the food and restaurant industries are doing little so far to resist the ban, noting that they've been voluntarily reducing transfats for years inspect in 2003, americans consumed fourp.6 grams of transfats a day. by 2012, it had plummeted to one graham a day, but the f.d.a. says there is no safe level of consumption. new york city banned the use of transfats in restaurants seven years ago. more than a dozen other localities followed. in an interview for "cbs this morning" new york mayor michael bloomberg, who led the charge, said even the restaurants are better off. >> they did not do what some people feared and thaft to replace transfats with something that was even worse. they replaced it wi
of this year. >> it's not fair. >> i'm angry. you are killing us. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. since it's halloween we asked you the to send your obama care horror stories. there are many of them. ainsley from fox & friends, standing by. >> we are reading some of the tweets tonight. you just heard the president say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. listen to debbie's tweet. debbie glosser says my in-laws lost their doctor of 18 years because of obama care. doctor said he would be breaking the law if he treated them. they were not able to keep their doctor. the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep your plan. listen to this. was dropped by anthem blue cross in colorado. don't know if i can keep my dock the tor. was planning to add my husband to my policy. can't afford it now because of the high premiums. one can't keep their doctor. one can't keep their health care plan and may not be able to keep their doctor. >> the volume, i have been looking at it all day, we have
meteorologist ginger zee right here. >>> the secret talks between the u.s. and iran revealed tonight. the blockbuster nuclear deal this weekend. what does iran have to give up? what do they get in return? and is it worth it for america? >>> the lotto lie. the customer and the winning ticket. the store owners who police say handed him $1,000. the problem is, he'd actually won $1 million. tonight, authorities say, nice try. and we've learned, it's happened before. >>> and dancing with the stars. the usher already famous to some nba fans. but what happens when they put this 11-year-old on the jumbotron next to him? so you think you can dance? >>> good evening. great to have you with us here on a sunday night. if you look behind me tonight, a viewer sending us this from out west tonight. this is a big week for americans. more than 43 million traveling this thanksgiving. tonight, the weather map with a holiday greeting of its own. a giant storm system, record rains and snow in states like oklahoma, texas and new mexico, and if you are watching on the east coast tonight get ready, it's com
's eve. >> good advice. >>> there is a scam making the rounds and the scam artist even used our name, believe it or not. we'll explain that to you, coming up. what you need to be on the lookout for. >>> it is usually something you hear about, connected to young people. but now the nfl has its own case of bullying. that story is ahead. >>> one of the hotly contested elections today, is what is over in your food. >>> and in sports the redskins only have two days to prepare for your thursday night contest in minnesota. we'll have more on th obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. >>> another chilly one out there, 50s and 40s. heavy coat weather. not as chilly this afternoon. temperatures will be moderating some. you can see highs between 55 and 60 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. the 7 a forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain -- 7-day forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain. >>> great seneca highway, one closure remains in place, 16t
observed on the earth. the u.s. navy estimates sustained winds were 195 miles an hour with gusts up to 235. that force pushed a surge of sea water estimated between 13 and 20 feet high over the land. this was tacloban, a thriving city of more than 200,000 residents before the storm. and this is after. nearly every building damaged or destroyed. families scoured the ruins for anything they could use. this boy found just a few coins. this evening, the official death toll has passed 1,700 but that is sure to go much higher. there is just no way to tell how many have died. a mother went for her son in a chapel that is now a morgue. seth doane in the philippines continues our coverage. >> reporter: a forest of flattened palm trees and waterlogged debris now litter this city of 220,000 after a massive wall of water crashed into tacloban. the ferocious winds and surging tides sent homes out to sea and ships on to land. this distraught mother said she fought to hang on to her daughter when the water rushed ashore but she couldn't hold on. "i thought we were both going to drown." she said. bloated
that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should do what he urged us to do last week. >> they had the meeting. they loved being in the white house, probably got a tour. in the end they have to watch out for their own backsides and their own private companies. they warned the president, what he's proposing now would amount to different rules and different policies, might result in higher premiums, not good for you and you, without underlying concerns for gaps in coverage. florida likes it. it allows people to renew their coverage. in indiana they say they will adopt the president's proposal. new york said tpho*efplt california is to announce its decision on thursday. more states are saying we'll worry about it on our own. this is such a mess, unquantifiable to even drill down on how bad this is. the insurance companies are now in the middle. and don't you feel as though this is their opportunity to push back after being the battering ram for the president over the last three and a half years? the insurance companies, the bad insurance companies are ruining everything,
>> schieffer: welcome back to "face the nation." joining us now, the author of "jfk's last 100 days" douglas brinkley and university of virginia. doug brickly beyond this tragedy why was this such an important anniversary for america? >> well, i think a lot of people are remembering where they were, what i did that day. this was but to us live on television. playing clips of walter cronkite not just john f. kennedy, who is lee harvey oswald, why is jackie wearing a suit with blood. on and on for four days. everybody kind of tuned in. there's a line by bob dylan said people don't live or die people just net. most people live in the-lined lives when kennedy was killed, they weren't floating any more it was like realtime adrenaline for the whole country. >> schieffer: you know, those of us who were here and covered this story, i think a part that is not really understood today is that beyond this tragedy that we saw unfolding on television, we'd never seen anything like this before. hanging overall this it was like we all felt on 9/11 we didn't know what it meant. we didn't know
advantage in delaying this until after the election. >> or young people who choose to pay the fine us but when they get sick, they're back the er driving up costs. why doesn't the white house just delay the enrollment? they're saying not for the current year but for next year. why not just delay all of it? >> that raises a question. if you're so concerned about enrollment next october to delay it to november, why not delay it now, which is obviously much more affected by the problems with the web site. i think the answer is, they just shut down the government because of their refusal to delay obamacare and the mandate, i think there's a feeling -- they may have to do it if there's a lot of problems on november 30th. if the web site still is not working. they're feeling, if we say let's delay the mandate or delay enrollment for another few months, it just gives aid and comfort to their political opponents in congress. >> good to have you here today. thank you very much. you can watch kris this weekend on "fox news sunday." i never miss it. we'll talk with sarah palin about obamacare. t
the reader how good politics still can be. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. "60 minutes" had all weekend to prepare for its big apology and clarification, and most importantly, explanation of how it put a dodgy eyewitness on the air with a now discredited story about the attacks on americans in benghazi, libya. but when viewers tuned in last night, they did get an apology, but that was about it. the legendary cbs news show, "60 minutes," is in damage control mode in a way it hasn't been in almost a decade. >> tonight, you'll hear for the first time from a security officer who witnessed the attack. >> on october 27th, it broadcast a report on benghazi, using a so-called eyewitness, suggesting the u.s. government could have sent backup to the besieged u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, during the attack that killed four americans last year. >> one guy saw me. he just shouted. i couldn't believe that he had seen me because it was so dark. he started walking towards me. >> and a
're just devastated. we have no clue. >> reporter: andrea bowers used to live somewhere in that knotted thicket of debris along with her husband ryan and three- month-old daughter sydney. she road out the storm in the basement of the home they bought just last summer. you came up out of the basement and you saw -- >> nothing. we looked up and there was sky. >> everything was gone. >> a stairway to nothing. >> we just had a baby book with pictures made and it's somewhere under there. hopefully we can find that. >> reporter: the painstaking search for mementos, albums and the intangibly valuable keepsakes of life was going on all over town. it will take a lot of luck. this is how one neighborhood in washington looked before the storm. and this is how it looks now. no wonder documents like bank checks and savings bonds from here were recovered 85 miles away. and now with winter approaching the cleanup and reconstruction will be slower because of the cold, scott. the winter warning of snow is expected later this week which will only add to the misery of the homeless here. >> pelley: dean, t
in the crowd and in line. all poised in front of their tvs. join us today, won't you. it's #onedongma. >>> and it's very cold out there. but it could be worse than it is. that storm, going to make holiday travel a mess. looking live at flightradar24. lets look at the number of planes in the air already this morning. it's going to be a busy day with so many delays. you know too well about this, sam. >> wednesday, the big travel day delays on that day, as well. the good news here is that we're pretty much out of it on thursday. let's get everybody settled in to where the storm is right now. our area of low pressure that's caused so much problems in the south and the middle of the country is probably hanging right now right along the gulf coast. this low drives towards atlanta. passes north carolina. and moves towards new york city. right about this time tomorrow, the low is parked outside our doors in times square, spinning some of the worst wind and rain in our area. between now and then, it has the east coast to get to and a lot of folks traveling in the next 24 hours. there's some sn
their phone and detectives claim it is 100% undetectable. >> thanks for joining us today. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >>> hello and good friday morning. it is the 29th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. shoppers bombard stores causing chaos. what you need to know before you hit the stores today. >> i'm in for peter. what's thanksgiving without a little turkey, a little football and this? >> every way you want it to or not. fixing that could cost you big but not if you have a health from the new health insurance marketplace. >> did i say peter? maybe steve doocy. the obamacare commercial that cut into your football viewing. >> this mom who was caught boozing while breast feeding. >> it's "fox & friends." >> welcome. we are here and alive on this black friday. >> we survived. >> i'm hung over from the turkey. >> this turkey. >> there was no alcohol at all. football. i'm sure many of you are up and at it. probably getting up for black friday deals kofplgt up later in the show, aboutom nt black friday deals. one of them, $700 off. we're going to show it to you today in the studi
of what it all meant to those who lived it and to those who must wonder what it was like and why it hit us so hard and so permanently. >>> that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes and it is a historic, momentous day in the history of u.s. political system. >> the threshold for cloture on nominations, not including those of the supreme court of the united states, is now a majority. >> today for the first time in nearly 40 years, the senate changed its rules on filibusters, after a series of dramatic clashes over the last few years and repeated threats by the majority leader that always dissipated at the last moment. but today, senate majority leader harry reid and the democrats finally voted to eliminate the filibuster for executive nominees and judicial nominees other than the supreme court. majority leader reid, who had long-resisted employing this, the so-called nuclear option, explained on the senate floor today why such an extraordinary measure was necessary. >> the american people b
is a miracle. they will all join us live this hour. >> from a burning car to a football free fall and a retired marine comes to the rescue. >> had both arms out and then the procedure was once she hit, i'd lock her so she wouldn't bounce. >> why he says he's no hero. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> wake up, people. it's tuesday of thanksgiving week. but because so many people are up thursday and friday, even though it is tuesday, it feels like wednesday. then tomorrow wednesday is going to feel like friday because a lot of people won't work. >> nonstop because i've been cooking the turkey. i'm just ramming the stuffing right up the hole this week, yesterday. >> is that what you call it? >> yeah. just pakistan kel some -- just spackle some stouffer's in there and we're all ready for thursday. >> leftovers. >> i'll give you pictures. >> great. >> we have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving week and i'm sure you feel the same way. but i'm going to tell you a little bit about something you're probably going to be worried about. and that is thi
. don't sell yourself short. thank you so much. the activist groups are wal-mart plans to use this to protest in support over big box store workers. 50 demonstrations are planned across the country. we will dig into a little more what these activists want. we will have an interview with the executive director of jobs with justice. the obama administration is less than 24 hours away from one of the biggest deadlines in the president's second term. the senior economic adviser of ficker, he told the country that the vast majority of users would have a smooth experience on the enrollment by the end of november. that deadline is just about here. tomorrow is deadline day. will there be good headline or more headaches? the house budget committee joins us now. good morning to you. do you have insights and inside information as to what we can expect tomorrow? >> good morning to you. i don't have inside information, but the president had a teamworking on this almost nonstop and made assurances that the vast majority will access the website. let's hope that's the case. we
. >> this morning a team of u.s. officials brought water and supplies to the hardest hit areas. some store owners are using weaponing to fight off looters. >> days after the haiyan slam into the philippines with terrifying force, survivors are desperate. >> we want water and medicine for the injured. we just need your help. >> reporter: fierce winds and heavy rain the monster storm barrelled through the islands friday destroying nearly everything in its path. but it was the wall of water more than ten feet high that proved most deadly. men, women, and small children were sent fleeing for higher ground. at this hotel in the hard hit area, a team of american storm chasers became rescuers usinge mattresses to help elderly in the waters. the storm damage is tsunami like, power and out residents displaced, entire communities flattened. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's horrific. >> reporter: survivors walked through the streets covering their noses to mask the smell of dead bodies. >> we don't have water anymore. we don't have food. i'm glad we're st
to use the nuclear option against democrats. >> i sense that talk of the nuclear option is more about power than about fairness. i believe some of my colleagues proposed this rules change because they can get away with it rather than because they know it's good for our democracy. >> reporter: though aides now insist the president's change of heart is not hypocritical. >> then senator obama would argue it was a sub stand tifr thinks. >> but he was obstructing nominees. what is different now? >> what's different is -- i didn't work with senator obama at the time. i do think the president was pretty forthcoming about the fact that this is a problem that existed for a while. and neither side is blameless. >> reporter: today came cal's board overseeing their health insurance exchange voted to keep cancellation policies going out health insurance exchange voted to keep cancellation policies going out. meanwhile the administration issued new policy guide lines for transitional policies for people who are not grandfathered in and they're hopeful here at the white house tonight that other stat
in the history of the u.s. senate. liberal harry reid used the, quote, nuclear option to eradicate most filibusters for presidential nominees. there is absolutely no question, now this was politically timed, all to turn your attention away from obama care, but on this program, nothing will stop us from getting to the truth on both issues. we'll talk about that in just a minu minute. but first, this is what is ahead tonight on "hannity." undercover video captures an obama care navigator offering up your personal information all for political gain. new, incredibly disturbing knock out assaults all caught on tape. as this deadly game, could it be coming to a town near you? >> there was no sign at all my dog was off leash running around. >> a blind airline passenger was kicked off his flight because of a service animal and is here to tell his emotional story. all of that plus juan williams takes us inside his meeting with president barack obama. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >>> earlier today in a blatant power grab senate democrats eliminated filibusters for most presidential nom
if it meant economic catastrophe for the country. today the u.s. stock market reached the highest level in history, and the cruz wing coninjured up the most desperate pl explanation for the loss last night. there's something about any politician that refuses to back anything by the other side and never misses a chance to blame it, even when everybody on the planet sees that it's the cra crazy -- david axelrod is with us. and a senior political analyst, and also msnbc analyst. i think there's something in the character. and it may not all be the right wing. when you have a guy like cuccinelli who from the beginning looked like a problem, somewhat petty corruption around mcdonnell and to blame the people that didn't like him for what he is as the problem. can you imagine the national party supporting a guy opposed to divorce? he would be nothing but trouble if they stuck to him. >> there's one number that they should look at in the exit polling. and that is 21%. that's the margin by which terry mcauliffe beat cuccinelli in moderate voters. you can't win a national election if you're seati
, thanks. >>> bill bratton is with us, former chief of the lapd and the nypd. these days a security consultant and nbc news analyst. sadly, it seems we only get to talk to you after another episode of gun violence. this is your former turf. a place you were charged with protecting. that ring of tsa, commissioner, does not have weapons traditionally. you don't think the answer will be to weaponize concentric circles as you work your way into the airport? >> there will probably be a call to do just that. i would advocate against that trying to train 50,000 people to handle firearms in a very contained situation. better to leave it so the highly trained police personnel such as those that went into action today. >> as we said, l.a.x. on a friday morning, 9:30, busy place. hard to name a time when l.a.x. isn't busy. the problem with running an airport, you've got to have the free flow of people. isn't that exactly what makes them increasingly fertile targets for random violence and organized terrorism? >> while the violence occurred at the tsa checkpoint and maybe proceeded farther into
>> you thank you being with us. see you tomorrow night. 7 p.m. eastern. up next. the o'reilly factor and go to good night. >>> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> you can keep it up to the time -- i hope this is correct but this is what i have been told, up to the time the bill was enacted. >> shouldn't the senior senator from the nation's largest state know what obamacare says about keeping your heth insurance? tonight, we've continue our reporting on the chaos in washington. >> these 14 million people that buy insurance on the individual marketplace, some of them are going to get these notices because they have crappy insurance. >> while most of the nation is angry that obamacare is so fouled up, the zealots continue to defend it bernie goldberg will weigh in on that. >> what you have done to tribute to that sexiness? >> i mean look at me. >> jesse watters visits perhaps the most libertine unersity in the nation. >> i mean, really good looking. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o
record time, too right? >> i don't know. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. >>> special good evening to our viewers in the western u.s. tonight. this is election day 2013, and the polls have now closed in two of the biggest races in this country. it is clear that before tonight is over,e're going to get a big indication of what voters are thinking around the country. five years and one day after the election of president obama, just weeks after we all witnessed that ugly government shutdown. voters tonight are electing governors in new jersey and virginia. new mayors in new york and boston and seattle and so on. many of these races will indicate how the political winds are blowing right now. we begin our coverage in the politically crucial commonwealth of virginia. chuck todd is there for us tonight. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, a lot of the action is on the east coast. polls are closed. we have some winner. governor chris christie has been re-elected. we've projected that, nbc news. here in virginia, the bellwether of bellwethers the last few
to us just utterly devastating. what does it look like on the ground? put it in some perspective for me. >> reporter: well, piers, it is quite simply a horrific situation. these people have been to hell and back. one lady told me it was worse than hell. to survive such a horrific storm surge and horrific typhoon, is horrible. but now these people are going through a second disaster. but they're now struggling to survive to get enough food and shelter. and of course, shelter. you can probably see behind me it is torrential rain here. the storm still coming through. luckily there are no heavy wind s because that could cause more injuries and damage behind me. it is a very desperate situation. more aid is needed. more organization is needed to get it to those people who need it. and there is a very grim task at the moment. a mass grave is being built down the road. we understand from the mayor that 244 bodies have been found in this area alone. they have another 600 bodies they know about, but have not been able to get to it. where we were walking down the road just on monday, there were m
, jeff. >>> joining us is cbs news political director john dickerson who joins us from the washington bureau. good morning. >> good morning. >> officials say it's not a relaunch. it's not a magical date. what exactly can we expect today? >> well, i think that's right. thing they want to keep expectations very very very low. what we can expect is more people being able to sign up getting from the very beginning of the process all the way through to the end in picking a plan but we really aren't going to see any real indication if things are mump mump better probably well into next week when there are, if it's working lots of stories of people being able to move through this smoothly or if it's not working more of these horror stories that we've become accustomed to. >> john, if the website is fixed, does that mean that the system is essentially fixed? >> no. that's the crucial distinction. the administration has said that the vast majority of the users will be able to use the website after this fix is made but the website's only part of the issue here. what needs
enjoyed it though. that's thrilling. hi, shirley. >> they used to say, oh, god, here comes the question machine. >> you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. >>> happening now in the "newsroom." >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> toronto mayor rob ford. >> do i? am i an addict? no. >> this hour, his city decides whether to oust him. >>> also, the top white house tech guy, todd park, front and center, forced to test before another hearing on obama care. >>> plus incognito. >> can we ask you how your trip to l.a. went? >> no further comment. >> the suspended dolphin back in miami waiting to find out what the nfl is going to do with him. >>> also -- >> let's be very honest, airlines or companies in any industry don't merge for consumer benefit. >> what that means for your next flight. >> i think it's a win for the low cost carrier. >> health alert. why your bad cholesterol number may not matter anymore. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." >>> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin in washington with an event one you white house official cal
for staples they need to survive. international aid rushes in on this veterans day, 90 u.s. marines and sailors in t philippines. another tropical depression is expected to hit the philippines later this week and that's putting additional pressure on rescue teams and aid workers, ian williams is in the philippines. >> reporter: tour'e, a massive relief operation is getting under way but they face enormous logistical obstacles, the head of the philippine red cross described the situation as absolute bedlam, rescue teams are trying to get to the outlying areas, some of the aerds they believe to be hard hit. the communications are still down, power is still down, roads are blocked. even in tacloban, it's difficult to get aid in, the u.s. and philippine military have been flying in bringing in water, water purifiers and shelter and medicine, a lot of stuff aimed to help children affected by this disaster. but there are limits to the amount that can be brought in. there's a real bottleneck at the airport there. other aid agencies are talking about bringing in relief aid by ship as soon a
openly like this tells us that a new ugliness has come to right wing discourse. howard fineman is editorial director for the huffington post media group. david corn is the washington bureau chief for mother jones. both are values msnbc political analysts. let's listen to dick cheney, here it is at his current worst. >> we look at the mess that has been created out of obama care by the president having said, you can keep your policy if you like it, you know, guaranteed, period. that turns out that was a lie. and he repeated it over and over and over again. >> cheney's not alone. another former gop heavyweight, if you will, mitt romney called the president a liar during an interview on "cbs this morning." >> the real problem that the president has is a broken promise. it's dishonesty. and that's of course, what's really striking at the heart of this. >> let me go to howard on this one. it seems to me that one thing we know and the discourse we have here on this program and everywhere else in the country is if you call someone a liar, using that word, saying they lie, it's sort of
get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>> breaking news about one of the most powerful storms in history. super typhoon gave damage so severe and widespread we're only now getting an accurate picture of what happened. the images like apocalyptic. basic infrom structure obliterated and corpses lining the streets. expected to top 10,000 souls. survivors as looking like zombies emerging from the debris in dice belief. 4.5 million people have been affected. food, clean water, and medicine and security and the spread of disease. as much as 600,000 displace the philippine knows are at risk. grocery stores, anywhere they might find supplies few you are looting but the vast majority of looking for staples they need to survive. international aid rushes in on this veterans day, 90 u.s. marines and sailors in t philip
earhardt joins us with the latest. >> reporter: a very popular mall especially for us in new york that don't have a mall in the city so we go to your neck of the woods. paramus police identifying him as richard shoop, a 20-year-old restaurant worker. officials say he killed himself. the incident began moments before the mall was supposed to close after 9 p.m. witnesses say he walked through the mall carrying a rifle wearing full tactical gear. while police say he fired off only one shot, witnesses say he fired five shots into the air even taking out security cameras. new cell phone video posted on youtube of the moments before the mall went on lockdown. officers walked past businesses telling mall workers to get out. >> like you see on tv all the time but the real deal. >> come on! >> no one was hurt and the nearly 100 people under lockdown in the mall have now been released. an investigation is underway to determine what led shoop to open fire. >> he does have a history of drug use and drug abuse, but we do believe that the main motive for what he did tonight was suicide. >> police say th
's many kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her position. a cheney family feud has been simmering for months but boiled over sunday after liz cheney was asked about same-sex marriage on fox. >> i do believe the traditional definition of marriage. >> her sister mary welded her longtime partner, heather poewe, in 2012. they have two children. >> i love mary very much and her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> within hours, mary fired back on facebook. liz, you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history. the cheney sisters are three years apart. they grew up in virginia outside washington, d.c., and both volunteered for their father's campaigns. mary cheney made clear monday she wasn't about to back down despite the political cost to her sister liz. either you think all families should be treated equally or you don't, mary wrote on facebook. liz's position is to treat my family as second-class citizens. liz cheney recently moved from virginia to wyoming to pursue her run for senate. and mary cheney said she will be in jackson hole wyomi
>>> good morning everyone. thanks so much for being with us on this saturday morning. it's 5:00 a.m. and i'm katie marzullo. we have a quick look at the weather with meteorologist with lisa. >> the big story is the wind, a regular flag warning in effect for parts of the north bay. 22 miles an hour oakland hills and up to 30 miles an hour around knoxville creek, so this is where we are looking at dangerous conditions. the dew point right now in santa rosa is at 8 so we have dry fuels, low relative humidity, temperatures range from the upper 30s to the low 60s right now. throughout the afternoon we'll be looking at numbers in the 50s and 60s and that wind it can to ease throughout the afternoon and a cooler night will be in store, maybe some patchy frost but we have some good news, rain will return to the bay area. we'll have a look at that seven-day outlook coming up. >>> we begin with breaking news in sue knoll, interstate 680 is moving again after a fatal accident early this morning. the highway patrol lifted a special traffic advisory about 90 minutes ago after three northbound
. >>> the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening. >>> and thank you for joining us today. as you probably know it was a really, really busy news day. there was a lot going on. the administration released the enrollment numbers for the affordable care act. turns out in the first months of obama care going into effect over 100,000 people enrolled in new health insurance plans. president obama had tried to set expectations low for what the first enrollment numbers would be. his speech last month in boston, for example, noted that in the first month of sign-ups for the massachusetts version of health reform, only 100 people signed none the whole first month. but in massachusetts, eventually the glitches got ironed out, and enrollment numbers went up. and now in massachusetts, there is essentially universal coverage. that state is essentially the template for our national numbers. but the numbers out today, 100,000 people signed up in the first month. in addition, another one million people were determined to be eligible for getting a new play in marketplaces for health insurance. but
experience. the faa says you can now or soon will be able to use many of your electronic devices during takeoff and landing. the question this morning, is there any lingering safety concern or did we ever really need to turn them off to begin with? we look into it. >> a terrifying scene, a school bus overturned after it plunged off a bridge into a creek. school children were inside that bus. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. we're going to hear from one of the kids about that harrowing experience, coming up. >>> we'll begin this morning with what's expected to be a rough morning for many of you along the northeast. the monster storm system that tore into a big part of the country on halloween is moving east. check out the torrential rains, flooding central texas. some areas seeing more than a foot of rain. emergency crews scrambling into action, evacuating dozens of people, stranded in their cars and homes. meteorologist indra petersons is tracking it for us this morning. where's it going? >> as you just mentioned, chris, there's heavy rain with that. they had 150 reports of wind da
for joining us tonight. >> thanks a lot. >> chris hays is up next. >>> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, chris christie spent the day basking in the glow of his resounding victory last night. but before we get caught up in what he called "the spirit of sandy" it is worth actually taking a look at the man's record. >> big news, big election results. >> big win for chris christie in new jersey, a boost for his presidential prospects. >> republicans are crowing about the big chris christie landslide in new jersey, as he prepares to become the national frontrunner for the 2016 race. >> was that a campaign speech for running for president in 2016? >> so chris christie is running on the theme "i can do it". >> chris christie emerged from last night's election as a frontrunner for the 2016 republican election. and he got there in no small part, thanks to hurricane sandy. but don't take our word for it. >> my pledge to you tonight is i will govern with the spirit of sandy. >> the spirit of sandy that christie evoked so many times last night is one thing. but the facts of the recovery are
that the u.s. needs to be tougher in these talks. >> you can imagine that congress that put these sanctions in place with the administration kicking and screaming all the way and pushing back against the sanctions are concerned thatty woo are going to deal away the levers we have. >> i said i would wait until this week and in fact this week has not produced a result. to be honest with you i think that the possibility of moving ahead with new sanctions including wording it in a way with a deal that is acceptable that those sanctions could cease upon such a deal is possible. it's an insurance. >> this deal, any potential deal does not look like it will be met with much embrace. the other element of the story is just how poor relations have been between the obama administration and netanyahu. before heading to talks, kerry and netanyahu had a tense meeting and in an interview with the israeli and palestinian tv stations, kerry issued a stunning review of the when it comes to his stances on the mideast peace talks. >> the alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. does
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